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Stop guessing and go with what works. Our AI studies millions of color combinations to find the ones that truly inspire.

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Our AI technology allows you to effortlessly create a new color palette

Let our AI do the work. Generate color palettes in seconds that are designed to captivate and inspire
To obtain a new suggested color palette, please click on the "generate" button
The suggested color palette varies based on the number of times you click on the generate button
To change the color of the Artboard, simply click on the "Apply" button

Utilize the Chat GPT AI model to create a distinctive color palette based on textual input

This approach is considered the most effective method for generating a color palette using the chatGPT model
Please input your desired color in the designated input box
Proceed by clicking the search button to generate a color palette
To apply the selected color, click on the Apply button

You are able to modify the colors generated for each palette with ease

This allows for convenient customization of the various color palettes
Please click on the suggested color to explore alternative options
Choose a color from the window color palette
Click the apply button to confirm your selection
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